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Today’s 30 Year Fixed with Zero Points

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Today’s 15 Year Fixed with Zero Points

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Welcome to American Home Finance, Inc.

Download the Illinois Mortgage Application Now!

American Home is a Local Lender!

We have the lowest Zero Point Rates in Hawaii and Illinois.

Save a Full Point in closing costs.

Reason why: Only Salaried Loan Officer on staff to assist you!

Sophisticated staff available to discuss your Unusual Loan Circumstance

Use the Zero Point Rate as a Sword and a Shield

Take the time to call several Lenders and ask them what their

Zero Point Rate

is for a 30 Year Mortgage.

Don’t be misled by words like “Rebates” or “Points”.

Be in control of your analysis and compare Apples to Apples!

American Home Finance, Inc. is an Illinois Corporation. Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1986, we have continuously been at the forefront of the Mortgage Market. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best rates, the best service, the fastest turnaround times and the easiest access to a human being who can answer questions quickly.

We have been in business for over 20 years; same business, same location. We have built a Nationwide business by doing the right thing at all times. We want you to feel you can recommend your friends to use us after closing.

We offer some of the lowest rates with zero points in the industry and we don’t make any profit unless your loan closes. We recommend that you make several calls to find out what the market has to offer, then call us for comparison shopping. The probability is that we will have the best rates and points you can find!

We are currently licensed to do business in Illinois and in Hawaii.

For more information about loans to meet your individual needs call us at 800-440-1940

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We look forward to serving you!

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At American Home Finance we always offer the Lowest Mortgage Rates on Home Loans and all your Mortgages and Finance needs! For the very Best Rates please visit us in Palatine, Illinois!