Welcome to our Advertising Kiosk!

American Home has joined forces with several local Retail Establishments to install our Advertising Kiosk in their foyers or entryways in order to bring in more business.  Our Kiosk is a simple, compact digital advertising board that is fully customizable with any combination of video, still pictures, audio, RSS Feeds and much more.   The main part of the display is dedicated to our partners business and reflects whatever images and ads they choose, while a smaller portion of the display is exclusively set to show the daily Mortgage Rates of American Home Finance at Zero Points!

People who come to these businesses are greeted with a fun, new, exciting experience in advertising and have shown a very positive response!   Our partners make more money as people tend to frequent their establishments more often, and American Home receives calls once visitors view our very low Zero Point Rates!

To view a demo of how the Kiosk might be installed, please click here .

To view a demo of the contents of the Kiosk, please click here.